Inrun profile

Parent element name: inrun
Element name: profile


Many definitions and the image below are taken from Jumping Hills Construction Norm 2018 which is an official FIS document regarding ski jumping hills homologations.


AttributeTypeDefault valueDescription
e+FloatLength of the inrun
es+FloatLength of the inrun from the lowest to the highest start
t+FloatLength of the table
gamma+FloatAngle of the straight part of the inrun
alpha+FloatAngle of the table
r1+FloatRadius of the transition curve in the end of the transition curve
s+FloatHeight of the table
b1+FloatPrepared width of the inrun
z0+FloatRails shift from the center of inrun
l+Float0.0Length of the inrun in position relative to start gates
f+FloatLength of the flat section above inrun